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Patrick Tomasino

Great product, to go with my generator, not so sunny here, but these are a backup for outages and I'll be going camping in a few weeks so. They are very durable and very light, as big as they are, my 4 year old can carry them.

Felicia Hale

Fits great in the back window solar panel. Charges great. When stoped I put flat against window pulls 40s in for wats when sunny an clear. I love that I can charge me other devices up to 3 things at one time.

Mike McLennan

I ordered for backup power for C pap. It worked great! I realized I could also use it to power a coffee pot or small appliance during power outages.

Jason McCabe

I needed an inexpensive power source for my CPap machine when I go camping. This powers my machine for about four night if I don’t use the pre heater. Unit can be recharged with car 12v outlet.

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Coming SoonSave $19.57
TSP18V100W Portable Solar PanelTSP18V100W Portable Solar Panel
FlashFish TSP18V100W Portable Solar Panel
Sale price$179.00 Regular price$198.57
No reviews
Coming SoonSave $25.72
TSP18V60W Portable Solar PanelTSP18V60W Portable Solar Panel
FlashFish TSP18V60W Portable Solar Panel
Sale price$129.99 Regular price$155.71
No reviews
Coming SoonSave $18.82
SP18V100W Portable Solar PanelSP18V100W Portable Solar Panel
FlashFish SP18V100W Portable Solar Panel
Sale price$169.99 Regular price$188.81
No reviews
Coming SoonSave $23.60
SP18V50W Portable Solar PanelSP18V50W Portable Solar Panel
FlashFish SP18V50W Portable Solar Panel
Sale price$103.54 Regular price$127.14
No reviews
Coming SoonSave $252.86
QE02D Portable Power StationQE02D Portable Power Station
FlashFish QE02D Portable Power Station
Sale price$647.13 Regular price$899.99
No reviews
Coming SoonSave $110.39
QE01D Portable Power StationQE01D Portable Power Station
FlashFish QE01D Portable Power Station
Sale price$369.60 Regular price$479.99
No reviews


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