TSP18V100W Portable Solar Panel

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Portable Power, Anywhere: Eco-Friendly and Foldable Solar Panel

Meet the Flashfish TSP100, a special solar panel that's perfect for outdoor lovers, travelers who care about the Earth, and everyone else! This amazing solar panel is like a friend that helps you use the sun to power your things, making it easier to take care of our planet. It's made to take outside and can fold up, so you can bring it anywhere you need power. It's super handy for charging your devices when you're having fun outside. The Flashfish TSP100 lets you use sunlight to keep your gadgets going, helping you enjoy your adventures and stay in touch with important people.

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Unleash the boundless energy of the sun with the Flashfish TSP100 Foldable Solar Panel. This state-of-the-art solar solution is designed for adventurers, eco-conscious individuals, and anyone in need of reliable off-grid power. With its high-efficiency solar cells, the TSP100 converts sunlight into electricity more effectively, ensuring that your devices stay charged and ready to use whenever you are. Whether you're camping in the great outdoors or preparing for emergencies, the TSP100 is your gateway to sustainable power.

Portability Meets Durability

The Flashfish TSP100 is not just powerful; it's designed to go wherever life takes you. With a lightweight and foldable design, this solar panel is easy to transport and set up anywhere. The durable, weather-resistant materials ensure that it can withstand the rigors of outdoor use, from sandy beaches to rocky mountain tops. The TSP100 combines convenience with resilience, making it the perfect companion for your adventures under the sun.

Stay Connected, Stay Powered

In today's connected world, staying powered is more important than ever. The Flashfish TSP100 features multiple USB and DC outputs, allowing you to charge smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices directly from the panel. With the TSP100, you're not just buying a solar panel; you're securing a lifeline to the digital world, ensuring that you and your loved ones can stay in touch, entertained, and informed, no matter where you are.

Rated Power: 100W (±5W)


Cell Type:Monocrystalline silicon

USB output: QC3.0(18W)

USB-C output: 65W

DC output: 18V/5.6A(Max)

Unfolded Item Dimensions: 156.2 cm • 40.2 cm • 1.5 cm

Folded Item Dimensions: 41.5 cm • 40.2 cm • 4 cm

Item Weight: 3.2 kg

1 x 18V/100W Solar Panel
1 x 18V DC Cable 5.5x2.1mm
1 x 8mm Connector
1 x 5.5x2.5mm Connector
1 x 3.5x1.35mm Connector
1 x 6.3x3.0mm Connector

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