Battery Backup For CPAP User 2024

Losing power when you depend on a CPAP machine isn't just an inconvenience; it hits differently. I understand the panic of searching for a solution in the dead of night all too well.

From my exploration, I discovered that external batteries can keep your CPAP humming for up to 13 hours. This blog is dedicated to guiding CPAP users through the best battery backup options available in 2024, ensuring you're never left unprepared.

Here's to uninterrupted sleep!

Key Takeaways

  • CPAP battery backups like the Medistrom Pilot - 24 Lite and Portable Outlet UPS Battery keep machines running for up to 14 hours, ensuring users don't miss their therapy during power outages or while traveling.
  • Types of batteries such as deep cycle, lithium-ion, and lithium-iron phosphate offer different benefits for CPAP users, from extended power supply to portability and high capacity for longer use.
  • The Zopec Explore series provides lightweight options with FAA - approved capacities suited for travel, showing that travelers can also maintain their sleep therapy routines without hassle.
  • With options like the BPS Universal Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery offering 16 - 35 hours of power per charge, CPAP users have flexible solutions that match various devices and last through the night or even multiple nights.


Why is a CPAP Battery Backup Important?

A CPAP battery backup is crucial for uninterrupted sleep therapy, ensuring continuous positive airway pressure during power outages or on-the-go situations. It provides peace of mind by maintaining the functionality of the CPAP machine, safeguarding against potential health risks due to interrupted therapy.

The significance of a CPAP battery backup

Having a CPAP battery backup is like keeping an emergency kit for my sleep therapy. I rely on my CPAP machine to manage my sleep apnea, which means uninterrupted use is crucial for me to breathe well and rest properly at night.

Power outages, whether from natural disasters or just unexpected electrical issues, can happen without warning. This is where the importance of having a portable power supply shines through.

A reliable rechargeable battery ensures that even when the lights go off, my CPAP machine keeps running smoothly. This peace of mind allows me to stick to my sleep therapy routine no matter what.

Emergency preparedness with a CPAP battery backup doesn’t only apply during disasters; it’s also essential for travel or camping trips where outlet power isn't always available.

With external CPAP batteries like the Freedom CPAP Battery offering unique features and improved performance, I find myself equipped to handle any situation that interrupts direct power access.

Keeping one handy means I’m always ready to maintain my health and wellbeing by ensuring continuous sleep therapy wherever I am.

Types of CPAP Batteries

There are various types of CPAP batteries available, including deep cycle batteries, lithium-ion batteries, and lithium-iron phosphate batteries. To explore more details on these options and choose the best fit for your needs, continue reading below.

Deep cycle batteries

I find deep cycle batteries to be incredibly useful for my CPAP machine, especially during camping trips or whenever I'm off the grid. These batteries are built to last and can provide a stable power source for extended periods, making them an ideal backup option.

They're different from regular car batteries because they can discharge more deeply and recharge multiple times without losing their efficiency.

I’ve learned that both the Jackery 240 and deep cycle scooter batteries are 12-volt options with AC outlets suited perfectly for my CPAP needs. This allows me to use my CPAP machine worry-free, no matter where I am.

Their capacity to endure long discharge cycles makes them reliable portable power sources for not just medical devices like CPAP machines but also for RV systems and camping power supplies.

Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries have become my go-to option for powering CPAP machines. They offer a balance of power, portability, and battery life that suits my needs perfectly. With over 800 recharge cycles, these batteries provide reliable power freedom for extended periods.

I appreciate not having to constantly worry about finding the next power outlet or dealing with frequent replacements.


Lithium-ion batteries give me the energy independence I need for my CPAP machine without tying me down.


Their efficiency and capacity fit perfectly into my lifestyle, allowing me uninterrupted sleep no matter where I am. Traveling has become less stressful knowing my CPAP will run smoothly throughout the night thanks to lithium-ion technology's trustworthy performance.

Lithium-iron phosphate batteries

Lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are similar to lithium-ion batteries and are a type of CPAP battery for backup power. They offer an extended life cycle, making them a durable choice for CPAP users.

Although they weigh more and come with a higher price tag compared to other battery options, LiFePO4 batteries provide advanced technology that ensures high-capacity power for portable CPAP machines.

The EXP PRO EXP48 and EXP96 batteries stand as examples of LiFePO4 batteries suitable for powering CPAP machines, representing the newest innovation in CPAP battery packs.

Best CPAP Batteries in 2024

Looking for the best CPAP batteries in 2024? Let's explore the top options available to keep your CPAP machine powered when you're on the go or during power outages.

Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite

The Medistrom Pilot-24 Lite is a lightweight power backup designed as an uninterruptible power supply for CPAP machines. Weighing only 1.3 lb (560g), it's portable and travel-friendly, fitting easily into a backpack or tote bag.

This compact device delivers 8-16 hours of reliable power, depending on the CPAP machine settings, making it an ideal choice for both home and on-the-go use. Plus, its versatility allows it to provide uninterrupted power for up to 10 hours or more in almost any situation, ensuring a seamless experience for CPAP users while traveling.

Portable Outlet UPS Battery

The Portable Outlet UPS Battery is a top choice for CPAP users in 2024. This powerful battery offers a pure sine wave signal, making it safe to use with older CPAP models. It is compatible with various CPAP brands, such as DeVilbiss, Fisher & Paykel, Resmed, and Respironics.

Plus, this universal backup battery works seamlessly with all CPAP/BiPAP machines without needing proprietary cables or adaptors. With up to 14 hours of uninterrupted power supply, the Portable Outlet UPS Battery ensures a peaceful sleep therapy experience and serves as an ideal travel companion for CPAP users seeking reliable and long-lasting power backup solutions.

With its impressive compatibility and long-lasting power capabilities, the Portable Outlet UPS Battery provides peace of mind for CPAP users who require a dependable battery backup solution for their sleep therapy devices.

Zopec Explore Portable and Professional Series

Now, let's take a look at the Zopec Explore Portable and Professional Series. The CPAP batteries from this series offer FAA-approved capacities of 130 Wh for the Explore 4000 and 160 Wh for the Explore 5700.

I could choose the lightweight Explore 4000, weighing only 2.0 lb and measuring just 1\" thin, providing up to two nights of power backup without needing any adapters – this makes it incredibly user-friendly.

BPS Universal Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery

The BPS Universal Freedom V2 Travel CPAP Battery is one of the best options for a portable lithium-ion backup power source. It's designed to provide 16-35 hours per charge, lasting 1-3 nights, and it's lightweight and ultra-portable.

This battery is suitable for air travel and camping, meeting TSA and airline regulations. Additionally, it's compatible with various CPAP devices like ResMed AirSense 10, AirMini, and AirSense 11.

Moving on to 'Types of CPAP Batteries', let's explore the available options in the market today.

EXP PRO Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Banks

The EXP PRO Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Banks offer a durable and portable power solution for CPAP users. With a capacity of 3.2V/48000mAh/153.6, these battery banks are compatible with most CPAP machines and personal electronic devices.

The inclusion of a protective sleeve, AC charge cord, DC charge cord, and instruction manual further enhances their usability.

These high-tech yet straightforward battery systems are splash-proof and lightweight, making them ideal for camping or traveling while ensuring a reliable backup power source for CPAP machines and other devices.

FAQs and Final Thoughts

Choosing the right CPAP battery backup is crucial for seamless therapy. With a variety of options available, from lithium-ion to deep cycle batteries, users can find a reliable power source for their CPAP device.

It's essential to consider factors such as travel and emergency use when selecting a battery backup. Remember to charge the external battery beforehand to ensure uninterrupted therapy during power outages or while traveling.

By investing in a quality CPAP battery backup, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their therapy won't be disrupted by power issues.


In summary, CPAP battery backups are crucial for ensuring uninterrupted therapy. They provide a reliable power source during power outages and while traveling. With the right battery backup, CPAP users can rest assured that their therapy will continue without any disruptions.

These backups offer peace of mind and flexibility, allowing users to maintain their therapy regardless of traditional power sources.

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