J1000 Plus Portable Power Station

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Power On-the-Go: Unleash the J1000 Plus

Embark on an adventure without ever worrying about running out of power! The J1000 Plus Portable Power Station is your reliable partner in the great outdoors, ensuring that all your gadgets stay charged up and ready to go. Whether you're camping under the stars, photographing landscapes, or simply need a backup power source at home, the J1000 Plus has got your back. With its robust build, versatile charging options, and high-capacity battery, it's designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding power users. Experience peace of mind, knowing you have a powerhouse by your side.

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Discover the ultimate companion for your outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness with the J1000 Plus Portable Power Station. This robust, reliable power source is designed to meet the demands of the modern explorer and the safety-conscious homeowner alike. Let's dive into what makes the J1000 Plus an essential addition to your gear.

Effortless Energy On-The-Go

  • Compact Powerhouse: Despite its lightweight and portable design, the J1000 Plus packs a hefty power punch. It's your go-to gadget for camping trips, road travels, and remote work, providing ample energy for smartphones, laptops, cameras, and even small appliances.
  • Rapid Recharge Technology: Time is of the essence, and the J1000 Plus understands that. With its advanced fast-charging capabilities, you can power up the station quickly, ensuring you're always prepared for your next adventure or unexpected power outages.

Built for the Elements

  • Rugged Durability: Engineered with a sturdy, weather-resistant exterior, the J1000 Plus is ready to face the challenges of outdoor use. Whether it's dust, rain, or occasional bumps, your power station remains safe and functional.
  • Eco-Friendly Solar Charging Option: Embrace the power of the sun with the J1000 Plus's solar charging capabilities. This feature not only allows for a sustainable power source but also ensures you can stay charged in the most remote locations without leaving a carbon footprint.

Safety and Reliability

  • Advanced Safety Features: The J1000 Plus is equipped with multiple safety mechanisms, including overcharge protection, short-circuit prevention, and temperature control, to ensure your devices and appliances are charged safely.
  • Reliable Power Backup: In times of emergencies, the J1000 Plus stands ready as your reliable power backup. Its long-lasting battery life ensures you have the necessary power during critical moments, offering peace of mind.

Model: J1000 Plus

Capacity: 932.4Wh (252000mAh/3.7V)

AC Output: 1000W (Peak 2000W)

DC Input: 12-26V/8A, 150W (Max)

PV Input: 18-23V/10A, 150W (Max)

USB Port: 2xQC3.0 18W

Type-C Port: 2xPD 60W

DC5525 Port: 4x 14V/8A (Max)

Car Port: 1 x 14V/8A (Max)

Wireless Charger: 15W

With 3+3 modes LED light

Item Dimensions: 34.5 cm • 22.7 cm • 20.3 cm

Item Weight: 8.7 kg

Package Dimensions: 40 cm • 31.5 cm • 27 cm

Package Weight: 10.7 kg

1 x Portable solar generator
1 x Power adapter
1 x Car charger
1 x User manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joanne Johnson
Perfect for camping

This portable camping station we used it to charge our cell phones and rc car batteries. I also plugged my refrigerator ice chest into it. When the solar panel was connected it never went below 98% and kept the refrigerator below freezing temps! 10/10 would recommend!

Dimitrina Popa
J1000 PLUS

Original Flashfish J1000 Plus generator. Worth the purchase!

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