SP18V100W Portable Solar Panel

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Eco-friendly, portable power solution

Embark on your next outdoor adventure with confidence, equipped with the Flashfish SP100 Portable Solar Panel, your eco-friendly power source. Designed for the modern explorer, this solar panel combines efficiency, portability, and durability, ensuring you stay powered up, no matter where your journey takes you.

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The Flashfish SP100 Portable Solar Panel is your gateway to harnessing the boundless energy of the sun, transforming your outdoor adventures and emergency preparedness with eco-friendly power. With its high conversion efficiency, the SP100 is designed to provide you with reliable energy, whether you're camping, hiking, or ensuring your home's emergency kit is up to date. Its lightweight design and durable construction mean you can bring the power of the sun wherever you go, offering peace of mind that you’re prepared for anything.

Innovative Design for Maximum Efficiency

The SP100 is not just any solar panel; it's a testament to cutting-edge technology designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Equipped with monocrystalline solar cells, it guarantees superior performance under the sun. The panel’s foldable design ensures it is compact and easy to carry, making it an essential item for anyone who prefers to travel light but stay connected. Whether you're capturing the sunrise in the mountains or navigating the great outdoors, the SP100 ensures that your devices stay charged without tying you down.

Environmentally Conscious Energy Solution

In a world increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable living, the Flashfish SP100 Portable Solar Panel stands out as an environmentally conscious choice. By choosing renewable energy for your power needs, you're not just selecting a product; you're making a statement about the future you want to see. The SP100 empowers you to reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a greener planet with every charge.

Rated Power: 100W (±5W)

IPCE: 21.5%-23.5%

Cell Type: Monocrystalline silicon

USB output: 5V/2.1A,QC3.0

DC output: 18V/5.26A(Max)

Unfolded Item Dimensions: 51 cm • 104 cm • 1 cm

Folded Item Dimensions: 51 cm • 52 cm • 2 cm

Item Weight: 3.2 kg

1 x 18V/100W Solar Panel
1 x 18V DC Cable 5.5x2.1mm
1 x 8mm Connector
1 x 5.5x2.5mm Connector
1 x 3.5x1.35mm Connector

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