A101 Portable Power Station

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Compact power on the go

The Flashfish A101 Portable Power Station is your go-to solution for staying powered up while on the move. With its compact design and robust power output, it ensures that all your gadgets stay charged during camping trips, outdoor adventures, or even during unexpected power outages at home. Experience the convenience of portable energy, providing you with peace of mind knowing you're always connected to the power you need. Its eco-friendly operation makes it an excellent alternative to traditional generators, offering a quiet, fume-free experience while enjoying the great outdoors or at home.

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Eco-Friendly Energy Anywhere

Experience the freedom of portable power with the Flashfish A101 Portable Power Station. Ideal for camping, emergencies, or as a supplementary power source, this eco-friendly unit provides clean, silent energy. With its advanced solar charging capabilities, the A101 ensures that you stay powered up without harming the planet. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with sustainable energy, anywhere you go.

Compact Powerhouse

Don't let its size fool you. The Flashfish A101 is a compact yet powerful beast, ready to charge your devices multiple times over. Its lightweight design makes it perfect for adventurers and travelers who cannot compromise on power. With multiple output ports, including USB and AC outlets, powering your smartphones, laptops, and even small appliances has never been easier or more convenient.

Built to Last

Durability meets design with the Flashfish A101 Portable Power Station. Constructed with outdoor enthusiasts in mind, it features a rugged build that can withstand the occasional drop, and a sleek, user-friendly interface. Whether you're out in the wilderness or preparing for unforeseen power outages at home, the A101 is a reliable companion that ensures you’re always connected.

Capacity: 98Wh (26400mAh)

USB output(*2): QC3.0 18W

Type-C output(*2): PD 18W

DC output: 12V/10A(Max)

AC output: 120W(Peak Value 240W)

AC Voltage: 100-110V or 220-240V 

DC Input(Adapter): 12V/2A

DC Input(solar panel): 5V-24V

With 2 modes LED light

Item Dimensions: 158 mm • 158 mm • 90 mm

Item Weight: 1.25 kg

Package Dimensions: 200 mm • 200 mm • 170 mm

Package Weight: 1.65 kg

1 x Portable solar generator
1 x Power adapter
1 x Car charger
1 x Cigarette lighter adapter
1 x User manual

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