60 Serving Entree Only Grab and Go Food Kit

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Experience convenience like never before with our 60-Serving Entree Only Grab and Go Food Kit. Specifically curated for survival food kit, enjoy delicious, ready-to-eat meals wherever you are. Perfect for busy days, camping, or emergencies. Secure your meal plan today!

 Flavorful and Nutritious: 60 Serving Freeze-Dried Meals


Be Prepared for Any Emergency

Start Your Emergency Preparedness Journey with Our 60 Serving Freeze-Dried Emergency Food Supply

When it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of yourself and your family during emergencies, preparation is key. Our 60 Serving Freeze-Dried grab and go food emergency supply is the perfect starting point for building a comprehensive emergency plan. Packed with great-tasting freeze-dried foods, this supply ensures you have nourishing meals ready in minutes when you simply add water, whether hot or cold.

Each 4-serving pouch is individually sealed, guaranteeing freshness and convenience. The stackable buckets, equipped with a handle, make storage and transportation effortless. With this emergency food supply, you can have peace of mind, knowing that you are well-prepared for any unexpected situation that may arise.

Delicious Meals Ready in Minutes

Savor Great-Tasting Freeze-Dried Foods with Ease

In times of crisis, a warm and satisfying meal can provide comfort and stability. Our 60 Serving Freeze-Dried Emergency Food Supply offers an array of delicious options that are quick and simple to prepare. Just add water, and within minutes, you can enjoy a flavorful and nourishing dish.

From Cheesy Lasagna and Creamy Pasta to Teriyaki and Rice and Tomato Basil Soup, each pouch contains four servings of lip-smacking goodness. The convenience of individual pouches ensures that there is minimal waste, allowing you to savor every delicious bite without compromise.

Long-Lasting Quality and Easy Storage

Reliable and Convenient: The Perfect Emergency Food Solution

When it comes to emergency food supplies, quality and longevity are paramount. Our 60 Serving Freeze-Dried Emergency Food Supply is sealed in Metallyte™ pouches, providing optimal protection for the contents. With a 25-year shelf life, you can trust that your food will remain safe and nutritious for an extended period.

Each bucket is designed with grab-and-go handles, making it simple to transport during an emergency situation. The total weight of 11 lbs and compact dimensions of 11.75" x 9.75" x 12.50" ensure easy storage in various settings, whether in your home, shelter, or vehicle.

Unmatched Safety and Reliability

Trustworthy Food Supply for Your Emergency Preparedness

In times of uncertainty, ensuring the safety and quality of your food is of utmost importance. Our 60 Serving Freeze-Dried Emergency Food Supply is meticulously prepared to meet the highest standards. Each pouch is safely sealed in Metallyte™ packaging, protecting the contents from external factors and preserving their nutritional value.

With a total calorie count of 13,400, this food supply offers substantial sustenance to keep you fueled during challenging times. The conveniently portioned pouches, each containing four servings, help minimize waste while providing you with the ideal amount for a satisfying meal.

Versatile and Essential for Every Situation

Prepare for Emergencies with Confidence

Whether you're facing a natural disaster, power outage, or any emergency situation, our 60 Serving Freeze-Dried Emergency Food Supply is an essential part of your preparedness plan. Its versatility allows you to adapt to various circumstances and meet your nutritional needs when traditional food sources may not be readily available.

Designed with a 25-year shelf life, this supply ensures long-lasting reliability and peace of mind. Its compact and stackable design makes it suitable for storing in small spaces, while the grab-and-go handles make transportation effortless. Be ready for anything with this reliable emergency food solution.


Made locally here in the US at our own facility


Up to 25 Years!


Sealed in small individual pouches in an easy to carry bucket


Just add water (hot or cold)

  • Includes 1 total bucket (lid color may be black or red)
  • Total calories: 13,400
  • Food is safely sealed in Metallyte™ pouches
  • Each pouch conveniently contains 4 servings to avoid waste
  • Grab-and-go handles for easy transport in an emergency
  • 25-year shelf life
  • Total Weight: 11 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.75" x 9.75" x 12.50"
  • 1 pouch of Cheesy Lasagna (4 total servings)
  • 2 pouches of Creamy Pasta (8 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Pasta Alfredo (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Chili Mac (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Chicken Noodle Soup (4 total servings)
  • 2 pouches of Savory Stroganoff (8 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Hearty Tortilla Soup (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Potato Pot Pie (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Teriyaki and Rice (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Baked Potato Casserole (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Tomato Basil Soup (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Southwest Beans and Rice (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Cheesy Macaroni (4 total servings)

What variety of entrées are included?

This Grab & Go Food Kit offers a diverse range of delicious entrées, curated for different palates. Check what you get tab for other info.

Can it be used for camping or trekking?

Absolutely! It's a versatile kit ideal for camping, trekking, or any emergency situations.

How long is the shelf life of the food items?

25 years shelf life

Where should I store my food?

This depends upon where you live. These products are made of both freeze-dried and dehydrated components and are affected by temperature, moisture, oxygen and light. Optimal storage conditions for our foods are in cool, dry places.

How much water will I need?

On average, each individual serving requires 1 cup of water.

What allergens are contained in Wise products?

Milk, soy, and wheat (gluten) are the common allergens found in Wise products. For specific ingredients by product type please consult the nutritional labels.

What People Are Saying

Mary P.

Ordered the hurricane packs to supplement what I have. Here quick. Really good value for the price. Additional benefit is once hurricane season past I have food at better value than the grocery store prices so surviving inflation with readywise and hot water. So should be in budget for christmas. Oh yeah still working on the whey powder. Good value. Add it to tea for chai and cheese dishes just super convenient. Safe from all the viruses.

Ma' World

Ready wise had what I need : 25 years in everything, great packaging, great selection ( love the veggies & fruit buckets) & very good taste , oh did I mention fast shipping! You guys are the tops!

Mark L.

Anything I buy from wise is utmost fresh and the food is great all things considered. I’ve made small purchases here and there and haven’t been disappointed yet! Food quality and customer service are great!

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