SP100 Portable Solar Panel

Harness the Sun's Energy

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SP100 portable solar panel charger is ideal for outdoor life. Equipped with 3 ports output to support simultaneous charging and a DC output, which is compatible with most solar generators on the market. It has a high conversion efficiency of up to 21.5%-23.5%, making the most use of the sun by converting the sunlight into clean energy.

Harness the Power of the Sun with the SP100 Portable Solar Panel

Introducing the SP100 Portable Solar Panel

The SP100 Portable Solar Panel is your ultimate high-performance and eco-friendly energy solution for off-grid adventures. Designed to help you harness the power of the sun, this solar panel ensures you have a sustainable and reliable power source wherever your outdoor escapades take you.

 High-Performance Solar Panel for Maximum Efficiency

Efficient Energy Conversion with the SP100

With an impressive 100W output, the SP100 Portable Solar Panel delivers efficient solar energy conversion. Its high-performance monocrystalline cells guarantee optimal energy production, providing you with a reliable and eco-friendly power source. Experience maximum efficiency and harness the power of the sun to keep your devices charged.

Compatible with a Wide Range of Devices and Power Stations

Versatility for All Your Power Needs

Featuring a universal MC4 connector, the SP100 Portable Solar Panel is compatible with most portable power stations and solar generators on the market. This versatility ensures that you can charge a wide range of devices and power stations, allowing you to stay connected and powered up during your outdoor adventures. No matter the device or power station, the SP100 has you covered.

Foldable and Lightweight Design for Ultimate Portability

Power On the Go, Hassle-Free

The SP100 Portable Solar Panel boasts a foldable and lightweight design, making it incredibly easy to carry and transport. Whether you're hiking, camping, or traveling, its compact form factor allows for convenient storage in your backpack or gear. The included carrying case provides added protection, ensuring that the solar panel remains safe during your journeys.


Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

Reliable Power Solution, Built to Last

Built with high-quality materials, the SP100 Portable Solar Panel is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance, making it a reliable power solution for all your off-grid adventures. Count on the SP100 to provide consistent and efficient power, even in challenging environments.

Ideal for Outdoor Adventures and Emergency Preparedness

Sustainable Power Source Wherever You Go

The SP100 Portable Solar Panel is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and travelers who rely on a sustainable and reliable power source. It's also an essential addition to your emergency preparedness kit, ensuring solar power during power outages or natural disasters. Stay connected and powered up, no matter the circumstances.


SP100 foldable solar panel is compatible with most solar generators on the market, it has 5.5*2.1mm DC cable for charging 300W, 600W and 1200W portable solar power stations as well as portable solar generators from Rockpals, Suaoki and FlashFish. It also includes 4 connectors (8mm, 5.5*2.5mm, 3.5*1.35mm, 6.3*3.0mm ) that can be used with solar power generators from BALDR, Jackery, Goal Zero, Paxcess, etc.


Constructed of high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells with efficiency of up to 21.5%-23.5% compared from other conventional panels, this solar panel converts more sunlight into clean energy.


Equipped with USB A (5V/2.1A max) & USB QC 3.0 outputs, charging multiple small devices at the same time for smartphones, tablets, laptops, lamps, power banks, Macbook Pro, iPad, switch, etc. Perfect for outdoor life and even unexpected power outages.


SP100 solar panel is foldable design with a handle, a fold size of 20.07*20.47 inches and weighing in at only 4.62lbs, convenient to carry wherever you go. Ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, hiking and picnic.

Solar Panel Wattage: 100W Power Voltage: 18V Cell Efficiency: 21.5%-23.5% USB Output: 1 x USB-A and 1 x USB QC3 DC Output: 18V/5.56A (Max) Product Dimension: 20.07×20.47in (folded) and 41.34×20.07in (unfolded) Weight: 4.62 lbs

  • 1 x Solar Panel 100W
  • 1 x 5.5*2.1mm DC Cable
  • 4 x DC Connectors (8mm, 5.5*2.5mm, 3.5*1.35mm and 6.3*3.0mm)
  • 1 x User Manual

What People Are Saying

Felicia Hale

Fits great in the back window solar panel. Charges great. When stoped I put flat against window pulls 40s in for wats when sunny an clear. I love that I can charge me other devices up to 3 things at one time.

Patrick Tomasino

Great product, to go with my generator, not so sunny here, but these are a backup for outages and I'll be going camping in a few weeks so. They are very durable and very light, as big as they are, my 4 year old can carry them.

Eric Rising

We're very pleased with this solar panel and we use it to charge our flashfish e200 battery/generator and our cell phones and other devices. I didn't think the panels would be so sturdy/solid so I was surprised (in a good way) but they're still light and portable. Very excited to use this more and try it out in our rv while boondocking!

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