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The allure of crackling flames under a starry sky is a calling for many. However, starting a fire can be challenging, especially in less-than-ideal conditions. Enter the Fire Starter - an indispensable tool designed to bring warmth, cook meals, and create memories, wherever you may be.

Ignite Adventures with Confidence Dive deep into the wild, but never compromise on warmth and light. Our Fire Starter ensures a robust flame every time. Whether you're high in the mountains or in a rain-soaked forest, depend on this tool to turn up the heat.

Compact Powerhouse Don't let its size fool you. This pocket dynamo can churn out roaring campfires and ignite stoves in seconds. Its unique blend of materials ensures efficient and reliable ignition, making it an indispensable companion for every outdoor enthusiast.

Engineered for Resilience Every Fire Starter is crafted to endure. It's waterproof, wind-resistant, and tailored for thousands of uses. With a design optimized for grip and ease, starting a fire has never been simpler.

Easy-to-Use Mechanism: For beginners and experts alike, our Fire Starter provides a straightforward and efficient way to generate sparks. Say goodbye to laborious fire-starting methods and hello to instant flames.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Crafted with top-notch materials, our Fire Starter promises longevity. Designed for numerous strikes, it will serve as your trusty companion for many trips to come.

Versatility at its Best: Beyond merely starting fires, its robust spark can serve as an emergency signal, aiding in safety and rescue scenarios.


A ferro rod is a fire starter. This ferro rod produces a large amount of sparks when used. Be careful to contain the sparks. The striker and rod are connected. Be sure they are not able to accidentally strike one another and create incidental sparks. Respect a ferro rod like you do an open flame.


Shipping Notice:

Cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii due to air shipping restrictions on fire starters.


Best Emergency Fire Starter

There is no better emergency/survival fire starter than a thick; long ferro rod. They are long lasting and work whether they are wet or dry. A 5 x 1/2 inch rod will produce over 10; 000 strikes. If used correctly; they'll start hundreds of fires. No other fire starting tool is as long lasting and reliable.


The Hot Strike Ferro Rod has the perfect blend of metal material for the ultimate fire starter. It is strong and durable but just soft enough for the striker to shave a hot shower of sparks at over 5400 degrees F.


The perfect fire rod is long enough for a great strike; thick enough to last a long time; and yet not excessive in weight.


The Hot Strike is ideal for starting fires. Assemble your tinder bundle with dry grass; wood shavings; or bark and shower it with hot sparks. In no time you'll have a flame to build your fire.

How to Use

Create a tinder bundle out of dry grass; wood shavings; bark material. Separate the rod from the striker. Hold the rod firmly in one hand. Scrape off the black protective coating with the striker. Hold the rod firmly at 45% toward the tinder bundle in a safe space. Firmly scrape the striker downward in a quick stroke. The sparks will land on the tinder bundle. Scrape again until the tinder bundle lights.

  • Brand: Emergency Prep Gear
  • Dimensions: 13.8 in * 0.5 in * 0.5 in
  • Weight: 0.25 lb
  • Available Ship to: United States
  • Material: Ferrocerium
  • Size: 5 inch Ferro Rod
  • 1 x Ferro Rod
  • 1 x Striker
  • 1 x Paracord Lanyard
  • 1 x Buckle
Which fire starter is best for humid areas?

Magnesium blocks and ferro rods generally excel in moist conditions.

Are solar fire starters reliable?

They're great when there's strong sunlight but might not be the best for cloudy days or dense forests.

Can I carry a fire starter on a plane?

Regulations vary. It's always good to check with your airline beforehand.

How do I store my fire starter?

Keep it dry, away from direct sunlight, and preferably in a cool place.

Is there a multi-use fire starter?

Yes! Some fire starters come combined with tools like whistles, compasses, or even knives.

What People Are Saying

Nadia B.

Never going back to traditional methods. The Hot Strike Ferro Rod has changed the way I camp!

Jake O.

Effective and reliable. Just wish it came with a more detailed instruction manual.

Chester K.

From BBQs to camping trips, it hasn't failed me once. A must-have in every outdoor kit.

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